How to wrap the perfect present

Step by stepMy little sister wraps presents better than anyone I know.

That’s why, with Christmas right around the corner, I’m handing over day 20 of my 25 days of blogmas series to her. Here’s how to wrap the perfect present in seven simple steps, by mini Rinroad – enjoy!

Step 1

To get a neat long edge I normally fold the edge over by about a centimetre – the main reason for that being that I can’t cut for toffee, so normally when I cut my wrapping paper I don’t have an edge that’s a straight line! Folding over makes it look neat 🙂

Step 1Step 2

Use double-sided sticky tape to sellotape your present on the inside of the paper not the outside. If you don’t have double-sided tape you can create little loops like I do:

Step 2

Normally if you’re using the loops technique then you might need a few placed in a row to sellotape an edge down properly. Here’s what your present should look like after step 2:

Step 2 - after

Step 3

For the short edges, trim down the wrapping paper so that it’s not too long. Then you won’t get a random point that’s massive and spreads across the entire present!

Step 3

Use the same sellotaping-on-the-inside technique from step 2 to stick down the short edges:

Step 3 - after

Step 4

Ribbon time! Cross your ribbon over underneath the present (as you normally would if you were ribboning up your pressie) and then bring the sides back to the top to tie, like this:

Step 4

Step 5

To make sure the ribbon doesn’t move around I always cross each side under the ribbon going across lengthways. This picture should help explain!

Step 5

Then tie the ribbon in a knot.

Step 6

Curl the ribbon using a fast moving scissor action! Carefully run one of the scissor blades up the entire length of the ribbon, starting from the knot, like this:

Step 6

Step 7

I always tie in an extra short length of ribbon around the knot and curl that too, so that there is extra curliness! Woooo!

Step 7

Et voila!

The finished present should look a little something like this:
Christmas present wrapped in green wrapping and red ribbon

Top tip

I always think that you should enjoy present wrapping rather than rushing it. Why not do it while watching a Christmas film, listening to Christmassy music (try Rinroad’s compromise Christmas playlist) or eating a mince pie? Yum!

Do you have a special Christmas present wrapping technique? Do share, we’d love to try it too!

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