My ways to a worry free Christmas

Ain’t no doubt about it, preparing for Christmas can be fun, but stressful!

From entertaining the family to finding the perfect pressie, there’s a lot to think about, and a lot to do.

Couple that with a much higher than average partying to resting ratio, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one who’s completely exhausted come the big day!

This year though, I’m heading into the festive season armed and fully prepared (well, as prepared as an anxiety sufferer can be!) to overcome my most common seasonal stresses.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets nervous in these situations – so, for day six of my 25 days of blogmas I thought I’d share a few of my festive coping mechanisms. Here’s to a very merry, worry free Christmas!

When the pressure of festive entertaining hits I have…

Lists. Lots and lots of lists.

Around Christmas, my Santa-themed notepad is kind of like my best friend. I tend to over-use my private Pinterest boards too.

I usually start listing what I’m going to cook in my notebook and pinning recipes on Pinterest well in advance so I don’t overdo it (or overspend!) I even make a timings plan for the week before I have guests round so I know what food to prep in advance, and when things like cleaning need to be done.

I’m nothing if not organised. Also a little obsessive. But mostly organised! A festive notepad – get one, you won’t regret it!

When Christmas get togethers start to take over I have…

Dedicated workout days, and a dedicated rest day. And those days are sacred (especially the rest day!)

It may be boring, but I know that if I don’t get my exercise in I’ll feel like I’m going, well, nuts! I need to expend pent-up energy, especially during the week, or I end up way too anxty. It’s the same for the rest day. I need at least one evening a week to myself with a hot drink and a box set to wind down.

If I didn’t stick to some semblence of a routine around Christmas, I’d just be exhausted on festive nights out with friends. Either that or I’m just not cut out for partying on a school night any more!

When the weather presenter predicts a snowstorm I have…

Bach Rescue Remedy.

I absolutely can’t be the only person whose heart sinks when the weather ‘takes a turn’ and you’ve a long journey home for Christmas Day. If my family were also my neighbours, I’d welcome a white Christmas with wide open arms. But they’re not, they live a long train/car journey away!

If worst ever came to worst, I’d just have to roll with the punches, and re-plan my Christmas journeys, but that’s easier said than done! Bach Rescue Remedy is great for reminding me not to panic and to, instead, figure out the best plan of action. Also a good one to have on hand when the Christmas cooking goes wrong!

When the Christmas shopping crowds close in I have…

Square breathing.

Breathe in deeply for four counts, hold for four counts, breathe out for four counts and hold for four counts. Repeat the sequence for four minutes to get your heart rate back to normal and simply calm down.

Once I’m feeling less panicked, I’m usually in a perfect position to decide the best way forward. Usually, that’s going home and finishing the Christmas shopping online!

When assessing December’s bank balance I have…

My Neom Organics Real Luxury scented candle.

Nothing spells stress for me like an evening of Christmas budgeting! But my most recent scented candle discovery is ideal for the job. It’s packed with stress-busting essential oils like jasmine and lavender – perfect for setting a relaxing atmosphere, and encouraging a worry free mood.

When I’m knocked out of action by a Christmas cold I have…

Hot toddy. I’m not sure my recipe is authentic (there’s no alcohol in it for starters!) but I’m convinced it’s helped me get over many-a-cold in the past!

Keep your fridge stocked with oranges and lemons so you can simply chop them up, cover them in hot water and add a good drizzle of honey and grated ginger the next time a Christmas cold hits.

When I’m worrying about worrying way too much about Christmas I have…

A husband who reminds me to relax and enjoy it all a little… that usually goes down better if he’s holding a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie (hint hint!)

How do you keep your Christmas worry free? I’d love to hear your festive relaxation tips!