Walking by the water

Walk by the water 1Today we went for a wander at local reservoir.

Those that know us (and regular readers of the blog) may recall we’ve been trying to walk to this reservoir from where we live for a while now. But every time we’ve been thwarted by poor signposting, busy roads and – in our latest, possibly most terrifying attempt – cows.

Today though, we finally made it… by digging out the car keys and driving to the reservoir instead (why didn’t we just do that to start off with?!)

It was so peaceful there…Walk by water 4Not another person in sight…Walk by the water 3

I mean just look at how tranquil the views were!Walk by the water 2

I almost can’t believe we’ve lived near this reservoir for five years, and have never once walked around it.

Well, I say ‘around’, that was the only annoying thing about the walk – you couldn’t actually walk around the reservoir. At a certain point the public bridleway hit private land, and you had to retrace your steps to go back. I mean really, what kind of reservoir doesn’t let you walk around it? A circular walk is the very least you’d expect from an artificial pool of water in the middle of the countryside!

Anyway, once I’d gotten over being stopped from walking where I wanted to go (and Mr Rinroad had recovered from me ranting on about it) I started thinking about how lucky we are to live in driving distance from such picturesque water and woodland. Imagine the possibilities it could offer for learning to live life ‘worry free’.

My plan is to go back on a semi-regular basis and walk mindfully, or even try a trail run. With such a calming location right on our doorstep, it’d be rude not to! Maybe one day we’ll even manage to walk there…

Where’s your local ‘worry free’ haven?