September favourites, the highs and the lows

September was definitely a month of ups and downs (mostly physically speaking – did you see my hillterval training?!)

The highs?

Let’s start with the temperature. It was unseasonably warm in the UK for September and, as a true test of my tolerance to heat, I tried my first Bikram Yoga class… yep, that was hot.

Thanks to two weeks off and a few long walks to start the month, I also smashed my average monthly step count target in September (10,200 steps – woohoo!) My love of walking has inspired me to start a new series of fitness posts: Rinroad about town (and country!). It started with a few (semi-practical) hiking tips and this picture of some cows:

Cows watching their reflection in a countryside stream

September really was a month of firsts. I finished a 10-day introduction to mindfulness meditation, which I’m hoping will continue to help me find calm and focus as I try to live life ‘worry free’. I also completed my first ever 5K run event:

Rinroad the Color RunnerIt was the Color Run (in case you were wondering why I was covered in paint at the end of it!) and my friends and I managed it in 32 minutes – definitely a personal best!

And the lows?

Well, this wouldn’t be a blog about learning to live life ‘worry free’ if I didn’t admit I’ve been feeling a tad anxious lately. Even I’m not sure why, as I’ve been feeling largely ‘worry free’ for the last few months now. But, as I’ve said before, anxiety is something that may always be in my life – I know I just need to keep practising my ‘anti-anxiety’ techniques until they come so naturally that I won’t even notice it’s there any more! I’m so grateful for all of the support that I’ve had when it comes to managing my mental health. If you’re experiencing difficulties, I’d really urge you to talk to someone – it helps so much even to just take that first step. There are a few support group links in my intro post that you could try if you’re not sure where to look first.

And now, for a slightly more positive ‘low’ – my weight! Thanks to all of the exercise I’ve been doing recently (and hopefully a few Rinroad recipes!) in September I lost a few pounds! I put on about a stone after I got married two years ago (apparently that’s common among newly weds) and despite forcing myself to become somewhat of a gym bunny I’d really been struggling to lose it… until now! The funny thing is, I don’t find myself exercising to lose weight any more, I find myself exercising because I like it. I’m stronger, fitter and happier because of it – and if that’s not motivation to keep on going, the fact that I can now eat the occasional (ahem!) pizza without feeling so guilty most definitely is!

So, there you have it – a few of my September favourites. Coming up in October – experimenting with essential oils, a new (tea-based) smoothie recipe, a recommended walk along the Brighton coast, turning older celebrations and my yoga-versary!

Feel free to share your highlights from the last month too – I’d love to hear them!

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