Rinroad’s swimterval training

As a stalwart of the middle swimming lane, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say there are problems all us middle-lane swimmers experience at least once.

  1. The missing middle lane. We’ve all been there. You get to the pool all ready to beat last week’s length count and find, to your horror, the usual three lanes have been reduced to two. It’s decision time. Do you chance it in the slow lane and hope you won’t have to overtake? Or, do you join forces with the fast laners and hope you actually swim quicker than you think? I mean they can’t be going that fast can they? Can they? Yep, the slow lane it is.
  2. The awkward swim around. Every once in a while you decide to swim outside the lanes (because what’s life without a little workout whimsy?) You swim a few lengths to mark out your swimming ‘line’ when a fellow swimmer decides to swim it too, completely oblivious to the vast expanse of free pool space around you. Not cool fellow swimmer, not cool at all. There’s no way you’re giving up your line though, and the awkward swim around ensues.
  3. The missed opportunity. Am I going fast enough to overtake that swimmer? Could I make it if I pick up speed? Maybe in a second, maybe after this next stroke… and we’re at the end of the lane. Opportunity missed.
  4. The child lane intrusion. Why is that parent letting their child swim in the lanes? Don’t they know how much this will slow me down? Don’t they realise how annoying this will be? Ok, never mind, turns out the child can swim faster than me.
  5. The strong swimmer face splash. When you’re happily swimming along at middle-lane pace, thinking how pleased you are with your middle-lane rhythm, in fact, you are possibly the greatest swimmer ever! Then *ugh cough splutter* what was that? Oh, an actual wave of water from the fast laner thrashing up the lane next to you. Swallowing too much pool water’s not bad for you, right?

By now you’ve probably guessed that I’m not the fastest (or apparently the most patient) swimmer! But it’s the one activity I’ve been able to do throughout my runner’s knee injury, and I’m determined to push myself past middle-lane breaststroke.

So, ever a fan of interval training, today I devised a pool workout to help me out of my comfort zone. I call it Rinroad’s swimterval training (because it’s my blog, and I can!)

If you’re a middle-lane breaststroke enthusiast like me, why not try my swimterval (swimming intervals) workout to mix up your next swim sesh? I managed it without drowning so I’m pretty sure you can too!

  • Warm up: 10 lengths of breaststroke.
  • First interval set: 1 length of front crawl, 1 length of backstroke. Repeat five times.
  • Second interval set: 2 lengths of front crawl, 2 lengths of backstroke. Repeat 3-5 times.
  • Cool down: 10 lengths of breaststroke.

Happy swimtervalling! (Sorry, even I knew that was a step too far!)

As always, check with your doctor if you’re trying something new with your workout routine. You don’t want to get injured, take it from someone who knows!

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