A like, a link and a learning #2

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day!

I don’t know why I’m so excited – we never celebrate it ‘properly’.  Not that I can say I long for massive teddy bears cluttering up our tiny flat or boxes of chocolates tempting me away from living life sugar free right now either!

But after nine Valentine’s Days together it’s nice having an excuse to cook a nice meal, and enjoy a bit of time out just the two of you practising living life ‘worry free’. Which brings me to this week’s like… (more…)

Raw cacao overnight oats

Raw cacao overnight oats

What’s your Valentine’s Day habit?

I say ‘habit’ because, well when you’re with someone for a while you tend to stick to a bit of a V-day tradition!

Ours? An M&S meal + wine for £10 (or Waitrose if we’re feeling fancy!)

This year though there’ll be no ready meals on the table. That’s mostly because I’m attempting to stick to a no sugar diet – and Mr Rinroad’s basically on one by default! (more…)

Five rules for decluttering your wardrbobe

I’ve got my organising hat on.

love a good wardrobe declutter and since mine’s been bursting at the seams for a while now, this weekend I decided it was time to sort it out.

Now, there are two types of people in this world – those who reckon there’s nothing better than a regular clothing clear out, and those who still have six pairs of 90s flares gathering dust at the back of their closets!


A like, a link and a learning #1

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope your week has been ok. Mine’s definitely been busy, but I’m gearing up for a nice, free weekend so I can’t complain too much!

Anyway, I thought I’d try doing more of a regular blog post. You’ve probably noticed my blogging is kind of sporadic. I’d love to say it’s because I’m trying out different blogging patterns to see what does and doesn’t work, but the truth is I’m just lazy!


Quinoa stuffed peppers

Quinoa stuffed pepper

There are certain foods you should always have handy. Quinoa is one of them. Peppers are the other.

These two foods are so versatile – you can cook them into just about any meal. But I’ve found you can make a particularly tasty last-minute dinner when you pair the two together.


Strawberry mojito overnight oats

Strawberry mojito overnight oats

Much as I love meal planning and food prep, I realise the fact that I have time to do it every week makes me pretty lucky. 

To be honest, if I didn’t think that what I eat has an impact on my mood, I probably wouldn’t bother. Having a daily meal plan can be restrictive (it’s not the same as just picking up whatever you fancy on the way home from work) and food prep is most definitely time consuming (thank goodness my Sundays are usually relatively free!)

But, since I reckon a healthier diet is helping me to live life ‘worry free’, the time I spend drinking coffee, browsing recipe books and writing shopping lists each week is time I’ve learned to love.


2015 January favourites

I love a good monthly favourites. 

It’s fun for me to see what you’ve enjoyed reading most over the last 31 days, which hopefully means a few more exciting posts for you next month!

This month it’s been all about learning to live life sugar free. Although I’m not all of the way there yet, it’s definitely been an interesting journey, one that I’m hoping to continue into February.

Read more about it in your 2015 January favourites (or by searching the tag ‘sugar free‘).


Raw cacao coconut oil hot chocolate

Raw cacao hot chocolateSugar free January is nearly over, and to be honest I’m kind of exhausted!

Between the meal planning, the weekly food prep and daily helpings of overnight oats, turns out learning to live life sugar free takes up a lot of time.

That’s not to say I’m wouldn’t do it all over again though. My energy levels are up, my weight is down, and although anxiety still rears its ugly head, it’s easier to manage its symptoms without sugar rushes clouding my mentality.


Eating out sugar free

I decided to commit to trying one month sugar free on December 31 2014.

On January 1 2015, I found myself staring at the menu in a seaside pub, wondering what the heck I was going to eat for lunch!

Yep, eating out sugar free is tough. You become suspicious of just about everything on your plate (“Do you think carrots have added sugar in them?”) Plus, you’re only one poor menu choice away from breaking your newfound habit – and at high risk of abandoning it completely when the dessert board comes out!


Spiralised vegetable burrito bowl

Spiralised vegetable burrito bowlI’m officially a sugar free failure!

Last Friday, after a super busy couple of days, I gave into temptation and indulged in a takeaway pizza.

I really wanted to hate it. I so wanted to be able to say I’d lapsed, but I didn’t enjoy it. But, despite the amount of sugar that I know must have been in that meat, cheese and tomato topped treat, I was pretty happy to carry on eating it. I guess it’s going to take a little longer than three whole weeks for my tastebuds to truly change!

Anyway, despite that minor set back in my journey towards learning to live life sugar free, and with the help of my trusty spiraliser, I’ve hopped back on the health food wagon. (more…)

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