A like, a link and a learning #4

Hey everyone! Welcome to your ‘like, link and learning’ post #4. 

I love this time of the week for winding down, relaxing and leaving the busyness of the last few days behind. I used to work Saturdays when I was still a journalist, and I honestly don’t know how I did it. And if it’s something that you currently do, then I salute you!

Usually by the time I get to Friday my body starts going into ‘shut down’ mode as it prepares for a lazy weekend. A bit of light yoga, a bit of recipe planning, and a lot of cooking and eating – it’s what my weekends are all about! Plus it’s a chance for me to recharge my batteries and reflect on the week that’s been.

So, without further ado, let’s get on with this week’s post…

A like

Despite the fact that I write a blog, I’d say I am, for all intents and purposes, a bit of an introvert.

It took me a long time to feel confident enough to share my thoughts and feelings with the world, as I described in my very first post. Expressing my personal emotions on social media was particularly terrifying, which is why I’m loving these ‘introjis‘ (emoticons for introverts) by designer Rebecca Lynch.

They range from designs for ‘need more information’ and ‘social anxiety’ to ‘feeling flat’, ‘out of sync’, ‘door’s open’ and ‘giving you space’ – all feelings your standard emojis just don’t seem to accurately capture. What a great idea!

A link

Do you reckon you could clean your house in 15 minutes a day?

As someone who spends large portions of her weekends picking up after the remnants of a messy week, I couldn’t wait to try this guide from bloggers A Beautiful Mess.

So last week I set about seeing just how much cleaning I could actually get done in 15 minutes. Turns out, quite a lot!

I dusted key surfaces in all three rooms of my flat and managed to give the bathroom sinks a wipe around. The problem was, once I’d started, I didn’t want to stop!

I really like that feeling when your place is all spick and span, and just leaving the rest of the mess after 15 minutes was a struggle – is that just me? Maybe this one will take some practice.

A learning

I’ve recently been trying to learn to live with uncertainty – which has so far basically involved me forcibly ignoring stuff that I really want to know!

The theory is that if I can learn to live with uncertainty, I won’t worry when faced with it so much… but not reading to the end of news stories or clicking on links that look interesting on Twitter is just making me feel like I’m missing out on something!

I don’t know how people do it, but I’m determined to persevere. Do you have any ‘learning to live with uncertainty’ tips? If so, feel free to share!

Rinroad x