A like, a link and a learning #3

Phew we made it to Sunday – the traditional day of rest!

I realise I’m late with this week’s like, link and learning post, but it’s been a super busy one! And a lot of it’s been taken up with my weekly learning…

A learning…


Ever since I left school, I never minded learning something new by accident. You know, like when you accidentally stumble across a link to a fun online fact, or gaining a top tip while reading your favourite magazine. But when you need to pro-actively teach yourself something to live life as an actual grown up, it feels like a lot of hard work!

Learning life skills feels a bit like studying for a test that you’re inevitably going to fail, because the whole point of growing up in the first place is making mistakes and learning as you go along – you know?

Luckily, Mr R and I have super-supportive network of family and friends helping us navigate the tricky terrain of first-time home ownership.

If you bought your first house on your own, I salute you – it’s a daunting task! And if you’re in the same boat as us and are looking for helpful resources, try the HomeOwners Alliance – they have some handy, step-by-step guides to get you started with the process.

Since I’ve started this week’s post backwards with a learning, let’s carry on in the same vein with a link…

A link…

Community. I’m kind of obsessed by this TV show at the moment – has anyone else seen it?

It’s an American sitcom that’s just come onto Netflix in the UK about a group of community college ‘oddballs’ who form a study group.

If you decide to watch this on my recommendation, then persevere past the first few episodes. That’s when you start to love each character’s funny quirks – I’m binge watching the show as I write!

Speaking of ‘community…’

A like…

What do you think makes a good community?

I feel like it’s not so much like in ‘the good ol’ days’, where being part of a community meant you were a neighbourhood watch member, parish councillor and volunteer fireman on weekends (although it’s those kinds of people who can make a community great!)

For me, feeling part of a community comes down to simple things. Like going into the local greengrocers and sharing cooking tips. Or, heading to my weekly yoga class and hearing about neighbourhood developments. Even recognising familiar faces on the morning commute makes me feel like I belong.

So that’s this week’s like, feeling part of a community. What’s yours? I’d love to hear it!

Rinroad x