A like, a link and a learning #1

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope your week has been ok. Mine’s definitely been busy, but I’m gearing up for a nice, free weekend so I can’t complain too much!

Anyway, I thought I’d try doing more of a regular blog post. You’ve probably noticed my blogging is kind of sporadic. I’d love to say it’s because I’m trying out different blogging patterns to see what does and doesn’t work, but the truth is I’m just lazy!

That’s why I want to commit to a weekly lifestyle snippet – something that’ll force me to be a bit creative, and that I can think about through the week ready for a post every Friday.

So here it is – my first weekly ‘A like, a link and a learning post’ – hope you enjoy!

A like…

I was so encouraged to wake up yesterday morning to a Twitter feed full of inspiring stories from people brave enough to share their experiences of mental illness.

The Time To Change #TimeToTalk campaign was asking us all to take five minutes out on 5 February to break the silence around mental health.

I know from first-hand experience how nerve-wrecking it can be to publicly admit you’re experiencing mental health struggles, and how valuable it is to have someone to talk to about them.

So thank you, to everyone who shared their story yesterday, or who listened to someone talk. You may have helped someone more than you know.

A link…

Speaking of massively encouraging campaigns – please tell me we’ve all seen This Girl Can from Sport England?

It aims to inspire women to “wiggle, jiggle, move and prove that judgement is a barrier than can be overcome”. As someone who’s quit plenty of gym classes (and gyms!) in her time, this really resonates with me. Even now, after a year at my current gym, I still shy away from some of the equipment for fear the more experienced users will laugh me out of the place!

That’s why I love This Girl Can. It’s real life stories from women who enjoy being active and won’t let judgement stop them. Make sure you check out the video!

And a learning…

Does anyone else use affirmations to help them feel stronger or more confident?

I’d never really heard of them before, but after reading about affirmations this week, I thought I’d give them a try!

They’re basically positive statements, which usually start with “I” and use the present tense. The idea is that to repeat them to yourself daily, or in negative situations, to try and change unhelpful thinking habits.

Here are mine:

  • “I am strong.”
  • “I am calm and healthy.”
  • “All is well right here, right now.”

Couple them with some deep breathing practice to help you focus, or set reminders on your phone so they pop up each morning to encourage you.

What are your likes, links and learnings from this week? I’d love to hear them so please feel free to share!