Life lately and a trip to Poole

Poole harbour through the Brownsea Island treesOh wow, has it really been a whole month since I updated you last?

Clearly, a lot’s been going on around here!

Last month started off promising – we’d been working for months towards a bit of a change in our lives that should’ve come to fruition. But sadly, by the time June was over,  completely unexpectedly those plans had changed.

So we’ve basically found ourselves having to rethink our life plans a little, which is kinda daunting!

Luckily, we had a few days away booked in Poole, Dorset, which gave us a great chance to clear our heads and come up with a new plan.

Dorset is by far one of my favourite places in the UK. It’s so scenic and peaceful, offering the perfect combination of coastal walks and countryside adventures. If only it was within commuting distance of London…

We stayed in the RNLI college which turned out to be a perfect (and relatively inexpensive) way to enjoy the area. For starters, check out the harbour views:

RNLI college day harbour  view

RNLI college night harbour view

All of the rooms have these. Plus there’s the added bonus of being able to watch the RNLI volunteers train to save lives at sea, and help the cause yourself with the more you spend while you stay.

Our first full day was spent on Brownsea Island. I’ve no doubt it gets super busy there of a weekend, but we visited midweek and it felt like we were the only people on the island. It was so peaceful!

Brownsea Island

Brownsea Island beach

The island is home to lots of red squirrels too. We spotted one, but it was too quick for me to snap with my camera! I was photo-bombed by an adventurous peacock though:

Brownsea Island peacock

On the ferry ride back to Poole, our driver regaled us with tales of other nearby islands, and the people who own them. Er, yep, you read that correctly. People actually buy up entire islands to live on by themselves. Think about that while you’re struggling to save for a mortgage!

Basically, if you’re rich but not quite rich enough to buy an island in the Caribbean to live on, your next best bet (or maybe second our third next best!) might be Poole. Not sure about the uncertainty of the British weather though…

Back on Poole harbour we enjoyed a relaxing drink in the sunshine before heading back to our hotel:

Ciders in the sun

The next day, we walked about an hour along the harbourside to visit Upton Country Park. It was such a lovely place, and because we’d got up early to walk there it was a great opportunity for us to chat about our next ‘life steps’. Turns out we did so much chatting I completely forgot to take any photos! There’s nothing like a good walk with someone you love to help you feel better about life 🙂

Anyway, we loved our mini staycation so much we came straight back and booked a few more nights in Dorset while the weather’s still nice. Looking forward to updating you with a few pics and travel tips very soon!

Rinroad x

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