Good Food Show 2014 review

Today, my little sister took me to the BBC Good Food Show at London Olympia.

As a marketer, I’ve been to my fair share of these kinds of exhibitor events, but have always stood on the other side of the table. We arrived nice and early in a bid to beat the punters to the best tasters, with ultimate success (good shout sis!)

The only drawbacks to arriving early doors were the guilt that came with drinking samples of alcoholic beverages at 10am (although it was probably 5 o’clock somewhere…) and the fact we bought up half the stalls before realising we’d have to carry our goodies around all day (def taking a backpack next year!)

Aside from the cooking demos and celebrity chef interviews, the part of the event I loved the most was talking to all of the different exhibitors (not least because they filled us full of delicious food samples!) It was great to speak to people who’d turned hobbies into businesses, and dreams into a reality – so brave, and so inspiring.

Anyway, the exhibitors did such a good job of enticing us with free samples and friendly chat, we ended up buying a lot of food…

Good Food Show shopping

Not only did we buy enough to fill a few Christmas hampers, we also bought enough non-gift food for me to be able to blog about – lucky you!

So, without further ado, here are a few of my favourite products from the Good Food Show 2014:Good Food Show 2014

  • Nairn’s oatcakes – man I love these little biscuits! They’re made with wholegrain oats, so top them with some sliced avocado, cream cheese and smoked salmon or a spoonful of nut butter and you’ve got a deliciously nutritious mid-afternoon snack. Speaking of nut butter…
  • Pure Delish almond and cashew nut butter – I’m obsessed with almond butter and, after accidentally mistaking a jar of cashew nut butter for almond butter in Sainsbury’s last month, I’m in love with that too! I’d never thought to eat the two flavours together though, which is what Pure Delish have made easy with their almond and cashew nut butter. Can’t wait to dollop this into my overnight oats tomorrow morning!
  • Mextrade refried black beans – as my bashed up black bean quesadilla recipe testifies, I love a good Mexican bean! These refried black beans are cooked with pork lard and a delicious alternative to chicken or beef when it comes to cooking a good Mexican meal. They’re high protein too… yep, I’m sold!
  • Yum Yum Tree Fudge – somehow, I arrived home with no less than three packets of this gluten-free, naturally-flavoured fudge. Two packs are headed straight into two lucky recipients’ Christmas hampers (I won’t totally spoil the surprise by saying who!), while Mr Rinroad and I are currently making short work of the other mint chocolate chip flavoured pack. This fudge is great because its natural flavourings mean it contains less sugar. They even do diabetic options – yum, yum and yum!
  • Olive it! – not a food that’s to everyone’s taste, but their anchovy-stuffed green olives definitely did it for me. What I loved about these guys was their obvious passion for a food that’s usually found alone in a bar next to a bunch of cocktail sticks. Their cookbook is full of ideas for ways to eat olives in meals, not just as an appetiser or a lonely bar snack. Green olives with manchego, chorizo and melon anyone? Er, yes please!

Do you have a favourite local or independent food producer? Do share, I’d love to try their products too!

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