Five rules for decluttering your wardrbobe

I’ve got my organising hat on.

love a good wardrobe declutter and since mine’s been bursting at the seams for a while now, this weekend I decided it was time to sort it out.

Now, there are two types of people in this world – those who reckon there’s nothing better than a regular clothing clear out, and those who still have six pairs of 90s flares gathering dust at the back of their closets!

Until I moved in with my (now) husband, I was 100% one of the latter (fashion always goes in circles, right?) But you never really realise just how much stuff you own until you move in with someone else – and they bring all of their stuff too!

That’s why, over the years, I’ve got my closet decluttering skills down to a pretty fine art. And, since we’re hoping to move to our first house soon, yesterday I thought it was probably about time to tackle the ever-growing wardrobe again.

Of the clothes I sorted through, half didn’t fit me any more, and an embarrassingly high number still had the tags on. Even worse, I recognised a lot of unworn items I’d held onto from my last wardrobe declutter, despite knowing I’d probably never wear them again. It was at that point I knew I was going to have to be strict!

By sticking to my five rules for decluttering your wardrobe, I eventually filled two black bin liners with clothes for the charity shop, and a smaller bag with items that just had to be thrown out. If you’re thinking of decluttering your wardrobe, why not try these for yourself? You might be surprised at how much easier you find it!

  1. Got holes? It’s got to go. I don’t know how many pairs of trousers I pulled out of the drawer yesterday with massive holes in them, but they’ve all gone straight in the bin! Unless it’s a one-off item with a rip you could repair, there’s no point in keeping ruined clothes. The likelihood is you’re not wearing them anyway, so you probably won’t miss them when you throw them away!
  2. Unworn with tags? Don’t bother taking them off! If you haven’t worn it yet it’s unlikely you ever will. Why not exercise your  generosity and give it away, or see how much money you could get for it instead?
  3. More than two seasons of gathering dust? Give it to someone else. Every year I buy an item in-season clothing that won’t stand the test of time. It gets worn non-stop for one season, and lost at the back of the wardrobe when that season comes back round again. Let’s face it, if you haven’t worn it for more than a year it’s probably out of fashion (note to self: buy more basics that’ll stand the test of time!)
  4. How many plain black jumpers do I own? Pick the prettiest and chuck the rest away. No one needs that many versions of the same item of clothing – and I’d obviously lost count of the number of black and grey jumpers that I’d bought! Out of about five jumpers in the same colour, I kept two or three. And in a year’s time, I’ll be applying rule number 3 to downsize that number again!
  5. Maybe, just maybe I’ll fit into those jeans again… or, maybe not! Yeah, the ‘maybe’ theory has never worked for me! I always hold onto clothes that are a size too small, telling myself I’ll definitely fit into them again one day. Most of the time that day never comes, and on the rare occasion that it does? They’re so old I buy a new pair anyway! To the charity shop they go!

Do you love a good clear out or prefer to hold onto your clothes? What are your top tips for decluttering your wardrobe?

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