Essential oils Christmas blend

Pine, bergamot and frankincense essential oil bottles

Remember blogmas day six, ‘My ways to a worry free Christmas‘?

Well, I’ve found another way to relax in seasonal style – an essential oils Christmas blend!

I’ve blogged before about why I love the smell of pine and frankincense but it hadn’t clicked that I could use the two oils together in a feel-good festive essential oils mix.

Both scents are seasonal, but not too ‘Christmassy’ – blending them together doesn’t create an aroma of mulled wine and mince pies or anything like that! The main reason I like them though is because they’re great ‘mood lifters’, making them ideal for using to cope with any Christmas stress.

I used two drops of pine, two drops of frankincense and one of  bergamot in 10ml of avocado oil to create this blend, but there are other ways you can use essential oils aside from mixing drops into a carrier oil.There are also a few things you should take extra care with. For more info, see my post ‘Five ways to stress-bust with essential oils‘ and, if in doubt, speak to a professional aromatherapist (which I, sadly, am not!)

See you back here tomorrow for my 25 days of blogmas day 10!

Do you have a favourite seasonal scent? I’d love to hear what it is!