Inside Out: an mhblogger review

Last weekend I went to see Inside Out. Kids’ movies aren’t usually my thing, but I was curious to see how a movie could distil a whole range of human emotions into just five characters.

Apparently, pretty well!

If you don’t know the movie’s plot line, I’ll attempt to explain it to you.


Good Food Show 2014 review

Today, my little sister took me to the BBC Good Food Show at London Olympia.

As a marketer, I’ve been to my fair share of these kinds of exhibitor events, but have always stood on the other side of the table. We arrived nice and early in a bid to beat the punters to the best tasters, with ultimate success (good shout sis!)

The only drawbacks to arriving early doors were the guilt that came with drinking samples of alcoholic beverages at 10am (although it was probably 5 o’clock somewhere…) and the fact we bought up half the stalls before realising we’d have to carry our goodies around all day (def taking a backpack next year!)