Five-ingredient detox juice

Four-ingredient detox juice

Bear with me before I reveal the recipe for this super simple five-ingredient detox juice – I’m about to go on a blog rant!

It’s not often I write rants (I usually share them verbally!) so that’s kind of why I wanted to mix a recipe with this post. Think of it as a reward for listening to me go on (or you could just skip the next bit and jump straight to the recipe if you like – I promise I won’t be upset!) (more…)

Beet berry smoothie bowl

Beet-berry smoothie bowl

The trouble with putting weird ingredients in your smoothies is that you’re never quite sure how the end result will taste.

Then, by the time you’ve blended the whole thing up, if it tastes bad you’ve wasted perfectly good food (and in my case you’re left without brekkie).

Luckily this experiment worked!


Apple and basil breakfast smoothie

Apple and basil smoothie

I read an article recently on how being healthy has become kinda trendy of late.

Supermarkets are stocking foods like kale and quinoa as commonplace, picking up a green juice instead of a coffee in the morning no longer elicits cries of “Ooh get you being all healthy!”, and passing on Saturday night vino for fear of messing up Sunday’s training plans is definitely less ‘frowned upon’.


‘Mulled wine’ smoothie

Mulled wine smoothie landscape

It’s been a while since I posted a new smoothie recipe.

They’re amazing for packing nutrients into your body at the start of the day – fill them up with fruit and large handfuls of veg and you’ve got a delicious healthy treat to fuel your body with at breakfast.

So, knowing the inevitable spread of overindulgence that awaits us all tomorrow (not that I’m complaining at all!), I thought I’d create a seasonal smoothie treat to fuel the body with on Christmas morning.

Introducing my ‘mulled wine’ smoothie!


Cinnamon apple smoothie

A friend of mine once asked me how I came up with my blog recipes.

Apple cinnamon smoothieMuch as I would have loved to say that I’d been doing a fancy food or nutrition course, I of course had to answer that I basically just guess!

Before I started this blog, food-wise I had never thought for myself. I even followed recipes for packed lunch salads!

Even worse, I had no idea about food groups. I was eating carbs, fat and sugar together like there was no tomorrow, simply because I didn’t know what was ‘bad’ and what was ‘good’.


Green tea smoothie

I had to pop the kettle on for this weekend’s green smoothie – a green tea smoothie with mint, lime and kale.

Green tea smoothie next to tea bags, mug and kettleIf you’re not convinced that green tea would work in a smoothie, let me reassure you now that you can barely taste it in this one but you still get all of its awesome health benefits. (more…)

PB & J smoothie

PB & J smoothie with banana garnish

Yes, I went there and no, I don’t regret it!

It might not be everyone’s cup of smoothie (ha ha), but my PB & J Saturday Smoothie is packed with protein and flavour for the peanut-butter obsessed among us!


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