Spiralised vegetable burrito bowl

Spiralised vegetable burrito bowlI’m officially a sugar free failure!

Last Friday, after a super busy couple of days, I gave into temptation and indulged in a takeaway pizza.

I really wanted to hate it. I so wanted to be able to say I’d lapsed, but I didn’t enjoy it. But, despite the amount of sugar that I know must have been in that meat, cheese and tomato topped treat, I was pretty happy to carry on eating it. I guess it’s going to take a little longer than three whole weeks for my tastebuds to truly change!

Anyway, despite that minor set back in my journey towards learning to live life sugar free, and with the help of my trusty spiraliser, I’ve hopped back on the health food wagon. (more…)

Homemade avocado pesto

Avocado chilli rosemary pesto

Taking some time off sugar has given me a great excuse to go back to basics, and cook even more meals from scratch.

And by ‘from scratch’, I mean from scratch – sauces, dips, dressings, the works.

So far I’ve mastered homemade salsa, bbq sauce, and even a butternut squash puree (which ended up cooked into a tasty chicken lasagne!) (more…)

Halloumi & bacon lettuce wraps

Halloumi bacon lettuce wrapsHalloumi is awesome – and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

Ever since I first tasted that delicious squeaky cheese I’ve craved it grilled on kebab skewers, cooked into foods like burgers and falafel, and ‘melted’ over roasted veg.

There’s just one catch: compared to its lighter brothers and sisters, halloumi is a slightly fattier cheese (especially if you like it so much you eat half a pack at once!) (more…)

‘SAD saviour’ summer strawberry salad

SAD saviour summer strawberry saladThis weekend, the X-Factor re-started which means one thing: winter is on its way.

Not many people know this about me, but I don’t do well during winter!

Firstly, the cold temperatures cause me major anxiety. I think it stems from months of sleepless nights worrying about whether I’d be stuck in snow and ice when I used to drive to breakfast work shifts. I barely drive anywhere now, but the snow and I have yet to re-establish our once close childhood friendship! (more…)