Butternut squash ‘quin and cheese’

Butternut squash quin and cheese

Well, summer’s over and autumn has officially arrived. And to prove it, I spent most of last week recovering from my first seasonal cold (bleurgh 🙁 !)

But aside from annoying niggly autumn illnesses, I kinda like this time of year – and that counts double for autumnal food!


Crockpot turkey Mexicana – five ways

Slow cooked turkey enchilada bowls

love my slow cooker.

The only problem is, I’m scared to use it to its full potential.

I mean, it’s not natural to leave the house while a powerful electrical item’s still heating up food in your kitchen. And that’s coming from the girl who checks her straighteners are switched off 10 times before going out in the morning!

Nevertheless, when I do use my slow cooker (while I’m still in the house, obvs!), it always serves me well. (more…)

Almond and basil chicken strips

Almond and basil chicken strips

I love it when random flavour experiments just work.

Usually, in my case, they don’t – so much so, that I’ve built up something of a reputation with my husband for cooking ‘weird things’!

So I surprised even myself last week when, in a still half-asleep state, my almond milk and basil flavoured breakfast smoothie concoction actually tasted nice.


Turmeric roasted vegetables with spelt

Turmeric roasted root vegI don’t know if you’ve heard, but apparently there’s a new super food in town.

Healthy foodies across the blogosphere are celebrating the anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, disease-fighting properties of turmeric, thanks to the powerful antioxidant compound that gives the root vegetable its yellow colour – curcumin.

A quick Google search will tell you that turmeric root can be used to fight cancer, delay the onset of diabetes and even alleviate depression.

Sadly, I’m no nutritionist, so I can’t claim scientific authority on the subject. But what I do know is that turmeric gives food a deliciously spicy kick (and is really hard to get out of your fingers!)


Roasted vegetable aubergine bruschetta

Roasted aubergine bruschetta

I’m sure you’ve asked someone this question at least once today: have you given up anything for lent?

I never usually do (I don’t trust my own willpower!) but after learning to live life sugar free in January, then failing spectacularly to continue the challenge with a brownie binge last weekend, lent’s given me the perfect excuse to try it out for another 40 days.

The one thing I know I’ll miss (aside from chocolate and cake) is store-bought bread. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it tastes nicer than making your own, but it is a lot easier to grab on a lunchtime sandwich run!


Quinoa stuffed peppers

Quinoa stuffed pepper

There are certain foods you should always have handy. Quinoa is one of them. Peppers are the other.

These two foods are so versatile – you can cook them into just about any meal. But I’ve found you can make a particularly tasty last-minute dinner when you pair the two together.


Spiralised vegetable burrito bowl

Spiralised vegetable burrito bowlI’m officially a sugar free failure!

Last Friday, after a super busy couple of days, I gave into temptation and indulged in a takeaway pizza.

I really wanted to hate it. I so wanted to be able to say I’d lapsed, but I didn’t enjoy it. But, despite the amount of sugar that I know must have been in that meat, cheese and tomato topped treat, I was pretty happy to carry on eating it. I guess it’s going to take a little longer than three whole weeks for my tastebuds to truly change!

Anyway, despite that minor set back in my journey towards learning to live life sugar free, and with the help of my trusty spiraliser, I’ve hopped back on the health food wagon. (more…)

Chorizo and black bean soup

Black bean soup

Did you know it’s National Soup Month?

Explains why I’ve been eating so much of the stuff lately – although my post-Christmas bank balance might also have something to do with that.

I love that there’s a month to celebrate a food that’s both heartwarming and healthy. Having said that, I wouldn’t say no 30 days of pizza if we decided to celebrate that food in Feb!


Homemade avocado pesto

Avocado chilli rosemary pesto

Taking some time off sugar has given me a great excuse to go back to basics, and cook even more meals from scratch.

And by ‘from scratch’, I mean from scratch – sauces, dips, dressings, the works.

So far I’ve mastered homemade salsa, bbq sauce, and even a butternut squash puree (which ended up cooked into a tasty chicken lasagne!) (more…)

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