Sweet potato goat’s cheese mash

Sweet potato mash

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Christmas is the only time when I have an excuse to eat twice as much potato for dinner!

I love my roasties, and I love my mash, but I’m sure that both are the main players in the food coma I annually find myself in following a good Christmas dinner.

So, why not replace traditional mashed potato with a slightly lighter sweet potato mash? (more…)

Christmas vegetables: broccoli, pine nuts and green beans

Brighten-me-up bean and broccoli salad

Let me introduce you to an oft neglected aspect of the Christmas Day dinner – the Christmas vegetables.

In my opinion, the veg part of the traditional turkey table gets a pretty bad rep. They’re usually blandly boiled or roasted – and anything green is automatically out (no one ever wants to eat more sprouts than they need to!) Then there’s the potato overload. I can’t think of any other time of year when I wouldn’t feel guilty about eating double potatoes, but at Christmas I always go for a good helping of roasted and mashed!