Rinroad’s hillterval training

We all know I love to walk (see Why I love long walks (now)Rinroad’s hiking tips and Rinroad the travelling yogi for evidence).

I love to walk almost as much as I love messing around with the names of exercises that involve intervals… Rinroad’s swimterval training, Rinroad’s hillterval training – forget SEO, those are the kind of post titles that are just begging to be used!

So I wanted to share an update on a recent walk I did that turned out to be the longest, hardest, but most rewarding walk I think I’ve ever done.

Clifftop view from Seaford Head, SussexSee those hills? Yep, I climbed those – all the way from Seaford Head to Beachy Head along the East Sussex portion of the South Downs Way. (more…)

Rinroad’s hiking tips

At the tender(ish!) age of 27, I’m ready to join a ramblers group!

I just love being outdoors at the moment, and walking is by far the easiest, way to get the fresh air and the clear head that I so often need.

You may have read my blog about why I love long walks (now) and so, to follow on from that, I’ve decided to start a new series of blogs ingeniously titled ‘Rinroad about town (and country)’ – or maybe something shorter for SEO purposes!