Rinroad’s hillterval training

We all know I love to walk (see Why I love long walks (now)Rinroad’s hiking tips and Rinroad the travelling yogi for evidence).

I love to walk almost as much as I love messing around with the names of exercises that involve intervals… Rinroad’s swimterval training, Rinroad’s hillterval training – forget SEO, those are the kind of post titles that are just begging to be used!

So I wanted to share an update on a recent walk I did that turned out to be the longest, hardest, but most rewarding walk I think I’ve ever done.

Clifftop view from Seaford Head, SussexSee those hills? Yep, I climbed those – all the way from Seaford Head to Beachy Head along the East Sussex portion of the South Downs Way. (more…)

Rinroad the travelling yogi

Did I ever tell you about the time I walked 15km to go swimming? It’s a story almost completely unrelated to the topic of this post but, as it demonstrates the lengths I’m willing to go to do an exercise I’ll enjoy, I’m still going to tell it!

Mr Rinroad and I were holidaying in Vancouver, Canada, and had spent most of the trip taking in the views from the seawall on foot. If you’ve never been to Vancouver I’d highly recommend it. The seawall stretches 22km along the city’s waterfront, with beautiful beach views in the foreground and stunning snow-capped mountains in the background. Partway round you can even take a detour onto one of the walking trails inside peaceful Stanley Park – there’s a 9km stretch of the seawall that loops right around it. (more…)

Rinroad’s hiking tips

At the tender(ish!) age of 27, I’m ready to join a ramblers group!

I just love being outdoors at the moment, and walking is by far the easiest, way to get the fresh air and the clear head that I so often need.

You may have read my blog about why I love long walks (now) and so, to follow on from that, I’ve decided to start a new series of blogs ingeniously titled ‘Rinroad about town (and country)’ – or maybe something shorter for SEO purposes!


Feeling tired? Try life HIIT

If I treated life like I do a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout, I’d probably feel less exhausted and get a lot more done!

Yesterday I did my first hot yoga class after a two and a half week break. Despite sweating as soon as I stepped into the hotter-than-usual 95 degree room, I managed to push myself deeper into each stretch than I could just a couple of weeks ago, when I was still doing the class twice a week.

I knew this would happen – it happens every time I take a yoga break. The reason? It’s simple.


Why I love long walks (now)

“I would walk along the quais when I had finished work or when I was trying to think something out. It was easier to think if I was walking and doing something or seeing people doing something that they understood.” – Ernest Hemingway

When I was younger and my parents told me we were going out for long walks I never wanted to go. What was the point of walking for the sake of walking? Why would you walk unless you were travelling to something (and the car wasn’t available)?

Now, I get it. Like most commuters, I spend the best part of my day sitting down on a train or in an office, so when I get a chance to walk and enjoy being outdoors, I do it. Even, if that means adding 20 minutes to my commute in the morning just to walk between two tube stations. And even if that means lugging a pair of trainers around with me at work all day!


Keeping fit with kettlebells

Kettlebells.are.the.future – of my fitness regime at least. Also, on my first go, the instructor said I was good at them (go me!)

Swinging a kettlebell is like swinging yourself between two chair arms as a child, except if you let go you don’t just fall down, you risk hitting yourself in the face with an 8kg weight (or worse, hitting someone else!)


My hour of mindful yoga

“Surrender your body to gravity. It’s when we don’t that the tension creeps in.”

I’m lying on a yoga mat, staring up at the ceiling and trying to follow the instructor’s advice. The problem is my body doesn’t seem to want to!

I think that’s sort of the point of mindful yoga though.


Five equipment-free exercises for impatient gym bunnies

My running gear’s been gathering dust in a drawer for more than six months now – some of my winter accessories even still have the tags on!

I thought recovering from a knee injury would involve lots sitting around on the sofa binge-watching shows on Netflix, but I’m doing more exercise now than when I was still in running action!


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