Mastering the art of the early morning workout

Sometimes, being obsessively organised pays off. 

Most of the time it’s not worth the stress but sometimes, just sometimes it pays off! And when it comes to early morning workouts, I’ve learned that a bit of organisation can really help.

I’m definitely a fan of working out in the morning. Not only does it set you up for the day, it gets the sweaty, exhausting, painful part of the day out of the way first! The problem is, if I’m not disciplined about it, I’m 100% more likely to hit the snooze button and stay snuggled up in bed (ya know, like a normal person!)


Broken New Year’s resolutions

How many of your New Year’s resolutions have you kept so far?

As of 3 January 2015, my broken New Year’s resolutions totalled three out of four. Even that last one has been stuck to reluctantly – I’d quite happily swap dry Jan for a glass of pinot right now!

Every year I start out with the very best intentions on 1 Jan. And every year, sooner or later, my ‘new year, new me’ resolve ends up broken by the end of the month. Here’s how it happened this year (and why I’ve decided to carry on anyway!)


A Christmas gift workout

Christmas present

No weights to hand for your workout this Christmas? No problem, try a Christmas gift workout instead!

There’s always one present under the tree that’s bigger and heavier than the rest (and let’s hope that one’s for you!) Why not use it to add a festive twist to your home holiday workouts?

Here are a few moves you could try.*


Home workouts for the holidays

If like me you’ve worked hard all year to get fit and shed a few pounds, you probably don’t want to let it slide around Christmas.

The problem is, between travelling to see family or entertaining at home, it’s hard to squeeze in a trip to the gym.

Never fear, I have the answer: home bodyweight/interval workouts. (more…)

Rinroad’s park bench workout

I’ll admit, it’s not the best time of year to be blogging about a park bench workout – it’s pretty rainy out there at the moment!

But on a rare sunny day last week, I decided to break up a run with a few strength exercises using a park bench. It was the perfect way to re-energise my body midway through what was turning out to be a pretty tough run, so I thought I’d share them with you.


Five ways I’ll keep moving forward when the clocks go back

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been struggling on the exercise front lately.

Last week I had a long weekend and totally bossed (am I cool enough to use that word? Should anyone use that word?!) my fitness plan: 10k(ish!) run on Saturday, swimtervals on Sunday and a 10k+ coastal walk on Monday (update coming soon).

But after that? Well, the temperature dropped dramatically and my usual weekday evening exercise regime (gym, kettlebells/abs, hot yoga) flew straight out of the window.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying sheer laziness hasn’t played a part in my inactivity, but I reckon the turn of the season has also been taking its toll.


Running without GPS

I’ve been in a bit of a running rut lately. 

Every Sunday, I start my fitness week by completing a 5k circular route from my flat, round a park and back, and despite me still finding 5k to be a challenge it’s starting to get really boring. I’ve even been skipping runs in favour of an extra rest day… I know, I’m ashamed!

So you’ll no doubt share the surprise I felt when yesterday, completely by accident, on my first run in more than two weeks, I pretty much ran 10k. I say “pretty much”, because I did stop to walk up a few steep hills and twice to ask for directions… I should explain!


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