Embracing the art of being awkward

There are two types of people in this world – those who embrace their awkwardness until it becomes part of their natural personality, and those who are so aware of it, that everything little awkward thing they do seems 10 times amplified.

I, for sure, belong to the latter group!


Life lately and a trip to Poole

Poole harbour through the Brownsea Island treesOh wow, has it really been a whole month since I updated you last?

Clearly, a lot’s been going on around here!

Last month started off promising – we’d been working for months towards a bit of a change in our lives that should’ve come to fruition. But sadly, by the time June was over,  completely unexpectedly those plans had changed.

So we’ve basically found ourselves having to rethink our life plans a little, which is kinda daunting!


A gratitude list

Wow, I kind of went MIA there for a while didn’t I – sorry about that! 

I’ve had lots of ideas for posts swimming around in my head for the last month (and even some new recipes!) but basically no time collect my thoughts and put fingertips to keyboard.

As I write, I’m desperately trying to get to work on time to clear the ever-growing ‘to do’ list – but I’m stuck in major train delays. Annoying when that happens, right?


Weekly meal prep tips and tricks

Some of my favourite weekends centre around food.

A Pinterest recipe pinning frenzy on Friday evening, a trip to the grocery store on Saturday morning, a little mealtime indulgence on Saturday evening and a lot of cooking for the week ahead on Sunday.

I’m quite possibly an emotional eater and, if there was ever any doubt, my foodie weekends confirm it. I’m pretty sure I spend at least 90% of my two days a week off thinking about (and eating!) food. Meal plans relax me, cooking de-stresses me and, rightly or wrongly, eating seems to comfort me. Plus, over the last few weeks I’ve found myself happiest in the kitchen, so why wouldn’t I spend the best part of a weekend in there?


Five rules for decluttering your wardrbobe

I’ve got my organising hat on.

love a good wardrobe declutter and since mine’s been bursting at the seams for a while now, this weekend I decided it was time to sort it out.

Now, there are two types of people in this world – those who reckon there’s nothing better than a regular clothing clear out, and those who still have six pairs of 90s flares gathering dust at the back of their closets!