A Brighton seafront walk

I have a new friend!

We go for walks, we go for runs and, when I need a bit of motivation, she tells me I rock. Once the words ‘hold me’ were also uttered which was well, frankly, kinda weird but we’re working through it…

Meet my Fitbit One:

Fitbit One

Fitbit’s my new activity and sleep tracker. I got her for my birthday last month, took her for a test drive and, since then, we’ve never been apart! She tells me how many steps I’ve taken each day, how many kilometres I’ve travelled, how many calories I’ve burned and even how well I’ve slept (incidentally, she’s also helped me to lose a few pounds!)

Fitbit and I took our first outing as friends to East Sussex. There’s a lovely Brighton seafront walk between Hove and Brighton Marina, which I thought I’d share as part of my Rinroad about town (and country!) series.

There’s something about being by the water that’s reassuringly soothing, on a cloudy or a sunny day:

Brighton seafront

The walk itself is long at more than 10k each way, but otherwise pretty straightforward. Mr Rinroad and I always start at Hove railway station and wander through town to the seafront. Depending on what time we get there, we’ll sometimes take a cheeky detour to our favourite burger joint, Grubbs Burgers on Western Road – man do they make a good burger! Grab a takeout and eat it on Hove Lawns – a lovely patch of green by Hove promenade where you can relax overlooking the sea.

Next, we take a wander along Hove seafront. I love the way this walk starts out pretty tranquil (not many tourists tend to head to Hove of a weekend). You’ll often pass runners and dog walkers with super-cute dogs on this, what I often think is, the trendier end of the seafront. You’ll see as we walk further towards the Marina, that Brighton’s a city of many different ‘moods’.

Here’s a picture of some beach huts, just because:

Hove beach huts

Once you’ve passed Hove’s beach huts, you’re headed into tourist territory. Don’t be put off by the crowds – you can always pop onto the upper promenade rather than struggle through people on the lower prom. You’ll still see the sights which make Brighton iconic – its two piers.

There’s the old pier:

Brighton West Pier

And the new:

Brighton Pier

The old pier caught fire way back when, but its charred shell makes a pretty stunning sight as it emerges from the sea. In the last year or so parts of the old pier have been crumbling away so it’s well worth the photo op while most of it’s still there.

If you do decide to take the lower prom, definitely stop off in one of the seafront galleries that make up Brighton’s Artist Quarter. It’s a great way to sample some independent art. Some of the seafront bars also offer live music which helps add to the fantastic, eclectic atmosphere Brighton Beach has to offer.

If you stick to the upper prom, consider taking a trip into Brighton itself. The city’s famous Laines are full of unique stores, boutiques and cafés. My favourites? Roly’s Fudge Pantry (love the sweet smell of fudge as you walk past this shop), We Love Falafel (I definitely love their homemade falafel specials) and Little Bird Café (their cakes are truly delicious!)

Once you’ve passed Brighton’s newest pier, you have a couple of choices: continue your walk all the way to the Marina, or take the seafront train partway. Volks Railway was the first public electric railway in the world. It’s usually open from Easter to the end of September and drops you off further down the seafront.

By now, you’ll probably be starting to understand what I mean by Brighton seafront’s many ‘moods’. You’re likely to spot a few slightly random sights on this part of the walk. Exhibit A:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B:

Hello, is it tea you're looking for

Before you reach the Marina you’ll also head past Brighton’s naturist beach, hidden to all except the odd curious seagull behind a wall of pebble mounds.

Once you reach Brighton Marina, you’ll probably be ready for some light refreshment (unless you’ve visited all of the food establishments I’ve listed above, in which case we may have left you back on Brighton Beach in some sort of seaside food coma!) If you do decide to stop for food, and it’s warm enough, grab a seat outdoors. You’ll eat overlooking the boats bobbing up and down in the water – it’s a sight I think is particularly serene:

Brighton Marina

And that’s it. From here, you can wander around the Marina, watch the fishermen, catch a bus back into Brighton or retrace your steps back to Hove. Either way, hopefully you’ll feel as relaxed and refreshed as I usually do after spending the day by the sea. And, if you do decide to walk both ways, rest assured that your Fitbit will be impressed!