A gratitude list

Wow, I kind of went MIA there for a while didn’t I – sorry about that! 

I’ve had lots of ideas for posts swimming around in my head for the last month (and even some new recipes!) but basically no time collect my thoughts and put fingertips to keyboard.

As I write, I’m desperately trying to get to work on time to clear the ever-growing ‘to do’ list – but I’m stuck in major train delays. Annoying when that happens, right?

I’m sure you can relate when I say annoyed and stressed were my initial reactions to the station departure boards this morning! But with some (albeit enforced) extra commute time on my hands I thought I’d post something I’ve been meaning to share for a while – a gratitude list.

I’ve been using this idea more and more lately. It’s a list of things in life you’re grateful for that you can refer to when said life feels a wee bit overwhelming.

I’m not talking pages and pages of things (in fact, when I sat down to write my gratitude list, I was surprised at how few items I had) I’m talking the core happinesses I’m lucky enough to be able to say that I have in my life at this present moment.

Reminding myself of the items on my gratitude list is something I’ve found helpful in moments of anxiety and stress. It reminds me of the bigger picture – what really matters to me in life, and by default what’s not worth getting too upset about. Needless to say, delayed trains and ‘to do’ lists definitely aren’t on it!

Rinroad’s gratitude list

I have a husband and family who love and support me.

I have friends who I can laugh with – and even cry with if I need!

I have a roof over my head, enough food to eat, and (usually!) enough money leftover once all the bills are paid.

I have health.

I have happiness.

I have opportunity.

I have purpose.

I have forgiveness.