Crockpot turkey Mexicana – five ways

Slow cooked turkey enchilada bowls

love my slow cooker.

The only problem is, I’m scared to use it to its full potential.

I mean, it’s not natural to leave the house while a powerful electrical item’s still heating up food in your kitchen. And that’s coming from the girl who checks her straighteners are switched off 10 times before going out in the morning!

Nevertheless, when I do use my slow cooker (while I’m still in the house, obvs!), it always serves me well. (more…)

Five-ingredient detox juice

Four-ingredient detox juice

Bear with me before I reveal the recipe for this super simple five-ingredient detox juice – I’m about to go on a blog rant!

It’s not often I write rants (I usually share them verbally!) so that’s kind of why I wanted to mix a recipe with this post. Think of it as a reward for listening to me go on (or you could just skip the next bit and jump straight to the recipe if you like – I promise I won’t be upset!) (more…)