Beet berry smoothie bowl

Beet-berry smoothie bowl

The trouble with putting weird ingredients in your smoothies is that you’re never quite sure how the end result will taste.

Then, by the time you’ve blended the whole thing up, if it tastes bad you’ve wasted perfectly good food (and in my case you’re left without brekkie).

Luckily this experiment worked!


A gratitude list

Wow, I kind of went MIA there for a while didn’t I – sorry about that! 

I’ve had lots of ideas for posts swimming around in my head for the last month (and even some new recipes!) but basically no time collect my thoughts and put fingertips to keyboard.

As I write, I’m desperately trying to get to work on time to clear the ever-growing ‘to do’ list – but I’m stuck in major train delays. Annoying when that happens, right?