November favourites

November was a month of food and fitness – the latter being necessary due to the sheer volume of food that was consumed!

I made a pledge back in October to keep moving as the cold weather drew in, and I’m pretty pleased to write that I’ve managed to stick to that. Five ways I’ll keep moving forward when the clocks go back was also my most-read post this month – hoping that means I’m not the only one out there who struggles on the health front when winter hits!


Five ways to stress-bust with essential oils

Essential oils

What’s your favourite smell? I have two: frankincense, because it reminds me of getting a massage, and pine, because it reminds of me of collecting pine cones on family holidays at Center Parcs (we went there nearly every year growing up!)

I’ll bet if you think about your favourite smell, it’s associated with a happy memory. And if you think about your least favourite smell, there’s probably a bad memory associated with that too.

That’s the first thing I learn about using essential oils – you have to like the smell. It sounds obvious, but I quickly made that mistake.


Rinroad’s park bench workout

I’ll admit, it’s not the best time of year to be blogging about a park bench workout – it’s pretty rainy out there at the moment!

But on a rare sunny day last week, I decided to break up a run with a few strength exercises using a park bench. It was the perfect way to re-energise my body midway through what was turning out to be a pretty tough run, so I thought I’d share them with you.


Store cupboard enchiladas with leftover greens

For me, Friday nights and healthy eating don’t tend to go hand in hand.

Storecupboard veggie enchiladasI’m always on the lookout for a quick-cook end-of-the-week treat, which usually means over-indulging on takeaway or store-bought pizza!

That’s why these store cupboard enchiladas with leftover greens were the perfect way to welcome in the weekend while topping off my five a day.


Good Food Show 2014 review

Today, my little sister took me to the BBC Good Food Show at London Olympia.

As a marketer, I’ve been to my fair share of these kinds of exhibitor events, but have always stood on the other side of the table. We arrived nice and early in a bid to beat the punters to the best tasters, with ultimate success (good shout sis!)

The only drawbacks to arriving early doors were the guilt that came with drinking samples of alcoholic beverages at 10am (although it was probably 5 o’clock somewhere…) and the fact we bought up half the stalls before realising we’d have to carry our goodies around all day (def taking a backpack next year!)


Spiralised vegetable fritters

Since I got my newest kitchen gadget, I’ve been spiralising every vegetable I can lay my hands on.

Spiralised vegetable fritters

Carrots, courgettes, cucumbers, parsnips – they’ve all fallen victim to my spiraliser’s handiwork.

This recipe, though, was particularly spiralicious (sorry!)


Cinnamon apple smoothie

A friend of mine once asked me how I came up with my blog recipes.

Apple cinnamon smoothieMuch as I would have loved to say that I’d been doing a fancy food or nutrition course, I of course had to answer that I basically just guess!

Before I started this blog, food-wise I had never thought for myself. I even followed recipes for packed lunch salads!

Even worse, I had no idea about food groups. I was eating carbs, fat and sugar together like there was no tomorrow, simply because I didn’t know what was ‘bad’ and what was ‘good’.


Looking forward & October favourites

Hey everyone, it’s only seven and a half weeks until Christmas (yes I’m that blogger!)

I love planning for the festive season – my Pinterest boards are full of Christmas food and decoration ideas already and my diary’s fast filling up with celebratory drinks, dinners and holiday plans.

One of my favourite things to do before Christmas is visit London’s Borough Market with my sister. Every year we pack our parents a hamper full of foodie treats from the market sellers as well as a few home-cooked goodies of our own. It’s so much fun deciding what to include, and even more fun testing out the tasters that they leave you on the stalls!