My hour of mindful yoga

“Surrender your body to gravity. It’s when we don’t that the tension creeps in.”

I’m lying on a yoga mat, staring up at the ceiling and trying to follow the instructor’s advice. The problem is my body doesn’t seem to want to!

I think that’s sort of the point of mindful yoga though.


Better-for-you baked falafel (with all the trimmings!)

Better for you baked falafel with all the trimmings
I visited Brighton a few weeks ago on a super-sunny day.

Usually, sunshine + seaside = me binging on chips and ice-cream on the beach. Luckily though, we walked through the Laines en-route to the seafront and stumbled upon the most amazing falafel cafe (We Love Falafel in North Laine, if you’re ever in town!)

After five minutes drooling over the menu, I finally ordered a halloumi-falafel wrap ‘to go’ with a ton of salad in it. It quite literally made my day (until I dropped red cabbage juice all down my top!)


’18 problems only worry warts will understand’

Oh how we laughed when my husband and I stumbled across the above-titled list blog (complete with gifs, naturally) on Facebook this week.

Not because we’re prone to giggling at gifs, you understand (although, who doesn’t love a good gif?), but because this is what happens three out of five mornings a week when we leave the house for work…


Five equipment-free exercises for impatient gym bunnies

My running gear’s been gathering dust in a drawer for more than six months now – some of my winter accessories even still have the tags on!

I thought recovering from a knee injury would involve lots sitting around on the sofa binge-watching shows on Netflix, but I’m doing more exercise now than when I was still in running action!


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