The difference worry can make

So I’ve been kinda quiet on here lately!  I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been happily cooking up new and exciting recipes in the kitchen for you, but that would be a lie. The truth is, I’ve been totally and utterly stressed!


Butternut squash ‘quin and cheese’

Butternut squash quin and cheese

Well, summer’s over and autumn has officially arrived. And to prove it, I spent most of last week recovering from my first seasonal cold (bleurgh 🙁 !)

But aside from annoying niggly autumn illnesses, I kinda like this time of year – and that counts double for autumnal food!


Embracing the art of being awkward

There are two types of people in this world – those who embrace their awkwardness until it becomes part of their natural personality, and those who are so aware of it, that everything little awkward thing they do seems 10 times amplified.

I, for sure, belong to the latter group!


Inside Out: an mhblogger review

Last weekend I went to see Inside Out. Kids’ movies aren’t usually my thing, but I was curious to see how a movie could distil a whole range of human emotions into just five characters.

Apparently, pretty well!

If you don’t know the movie’s plot line, I’ll attempt to explain it to you.


Life lately and a trip to Poole

Poole harbour through the Brownsea Island treesOh wow, has it really been a whole month since I updated you last?

Clearly, a lot’s been going on around here!

Last month started off promising – we’d been working for months towards a bit of a change in our lives that should’ve come to fruition. But sadly, by the time June was over,  completely unexpectedly those plans had changed.

So we’ve basically found ourselves having to rethink our life plans a little, which is kinda daunting!


Crockpot turkey Mexicana – five ways

Slow cooked turkey enchilada bowls

love my slow cooker.

The only problem is, I’m scared to use it to its full potential.

I mean, it’s not natural to leave the house while a powerful electrical item’s still heating up food in your kitchen. And that’s coming from the girl who checks her straighteners are switched off 10 times before going out in the morning!

Nevertheless, when I do use my slow cooker (while I’m still in the house, obvs!), it always serves me well. (more…)

Five-ingredient detox juice

Four-ingredient detox juice

Bear with me before I reveal the recipe for this super simple five-ingredient detox juice – I’m about to go on a blog rant!

It’s not often I write rants (I usually share them verbally!) so that’s kind of why I wanted to mix a recipe with this post. Think of it as a reward for listening to me go on (or you could just skip the next bit and jump straight to the recipe if you like – I promise I won’t be upset!) (more…)

Beet berry smoothie bowl

Beet-berry smoothie bowl

The trouble with putting weird ingredients in your smoothies is that you’re never quite sure how the end result will taste.

Then, by the time you’ve blended the whole thing up, if it tastes bad you’ve wasted perfectly good food (and in my case you’re left without brekkie).

Luckily this experiment worked!


A gratitude list

Wow, I kind of went MIA there for a while didn’t I – sorry about that! 

I’ve had lots of ideas for posts swimming around in my head for the last month (and even some new recipes!) but basically no time collect my thoughts and put fingertips to keyboard.

As I write, I’m desperately trying to get to work on time to clear the ever-growing ‘to do’ list – but I’m stuck in major train delays. Annoying when that happens, right?


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